Friday, June 21, 2013

Y & R - June 21, 2013

Kyle and Phyllis are in Chicago and preparing questions for their focus group.  Kyle runs out to the car and his phone rings, so Phyllis answers his phone.  Summer asks why she's in Kyle's hotel room and Jack overhears.  Sharon drops in to Nick's to pick up Faith for a playdate.  She brings Nick coffee.  Sharon comments that Nick looks tired and suggests he confides in her, as Avery walks down the stairs and overhears.  Nick thinks the fact that she still cares means a lot to him and says a lot about them.

Dylan is at the coffee house whistling away while he works and Billy drops in.  Dylan tells him he and Chelsea are engaged.  Kevin rushes in and asks Billy if he's sleeping with Chloe.  Chelsea tells Chloe that Dylan proposed and she accepted.  Chloe is very excited.  Chloe mentions Adam's snooping and medalling just at the moment Adam walks into the club and asks what she's talking about.

Avery walks in and says good morning to everyone.  Faith is trying to pick out a doll and that's why she's running late.  Avery asks Sharon why she is making herself very available to Nick.  Sharon asks if she's jealous - no says Avery, she's curious.  Sharon says she likes to remain close to the people she cares about - they have a deep bond and she constantly reminds Avery of this.  Sharon tells Avery if she's serious about Nick she had better get used to the fact that he has a past  Billy denies sleeping with Chloe to Kevin - Vicky kicked him out of their house last night - its the hormones.  Kevin tells Billy to stop comforting his wife and Vicky should keep her mouth shut.

Chloe tells Adam that Chelsea and Dylan are engaged.  They both stare at each other - Adam asks if its what she really wants.  Chelsea says she's very happy and Adam says he's happy for her.  If Dylan makes you happy he has no right getting in the middle of that.  Chloe is making fun of Adam and Chelsea asks for a minute alone with him

Phyllis tells Summer they are discussing business - and says he's in the shower when he was really getting something from the car. Summer suggests her mother wants to see Kyle in a towel.  Summer asks her to tell Kyle to call her.  Jack overheard everything - Summer is sounding a little jealous.  Summer is worried Phyllis is trying to convince Kyle not to date him.  Phyllis gives Kyle Summer's message, but says she's on her way to the spa so he won't call her back.

Billy and Dylan talk about Dylan's parents and that his Dad just passed away.  Billy talks about his father - the best guy ever.  Dylan says they haven't set a date yet - Avery just got engaged to Nick and he doesn't want to steal their thunder.  Nick drops in to see Summer at Jack's house.  Nick invites her to breakfast but she declines - she has plans with Courtney.  Jack tells Nick that Summer is worried Phyllis is going to undermine her relationship with Kyle - Nick says he hopes so - Jack is puzzled.  Phyllis demonstrates to Kyle a seductive mannerism she used to sell Jabot products.  He is impressed.  He says he can see where Summer gets her courage.  Kyle says Summer is fantastic.  Phyllis tries to discourage him - he said he liked older women.  Kyle admits he said that.

Adam says he's serious - he wants Chelsea to get on with her life - better than sitting around and waiting for her to change her mind.  Chelsea says she loves Dylan - he says good, he doesn't have to worry about her anymore and asks how she's feeling and the baby.  Adam says he won't stir things up anymore as Chelsea sheds a tear.  Dylan walks in and Chelsea says Adam was being very accepting and congratulates both of them on their engagement.  Adam runs into Anita as he's leaving the club. 

Billy calls Vicky and leaves a voicemail that he loves her and needs her.  Adam tells Anita that Chelsea told him she was engaged.  Anita says the big dollar sign in front of his name was one of his selling points.  Adam says at least she's honest and the baby needs parents who put the child in front of themselves.  Chelsea interrupts them - and tells Adam to make a run for it while he can.  Chelsea tells Dylan that Anita would rather she marry Adam's bank account.

Jack and Nick talk about Kyle - you can't fight two people wanting to be together - think about him and Phyllis.  Jack says they had a lot of good years and they got a beautiful daughter out of it  Summer is listening - Jack says unless Nick can come up with a good reason why Kyle and Summer shouldn't be involved, he doesn't want to have the conversation again.  Phyllis calls Summer on her phone and leaves the line open so Summer can listen and she's flirting with him and talking about him flirting with girls.  Summer is furious.

Sharon is at the coffee house and the guy she was talking to the other night is there and they have coffee together.  She apologizes for being rude the other night - Nick interrupted them.  He had to go to a meeting but he gives Sharon his car and invites her for drinks later.  Of course Adam overhears and asks what she's doing.

Chloe tells Kevin she did not sleep with Billy - Kevin says they have a history - Chloe says the key word is history.  Kevin isn't so sure but Chloe says he's avoiding the real issue - he's not interested in saving this marriage.

Sharon tells Adam he's making too much of this - they were talking business but Adam doesn't believe her.  What concerns him is the type of business transaction that is going on.  Sharon asks how dare he say something like that.  Adam says he spots trends - its one of his talents - and with her - two men in as many weeks - that's a trend that concerns him.  He saw her at the club going up to his room with some other guy.  Sharon says he has no right.  Adam says numbing the pain with no strings attached is not something she should be doing.  He suggests she end this behaviour.  Sharon says he's the same as Nick - he always comments when he sees her with another man.  Adam says Nick is primal - they were in love once - Sharon says she's been in love before and she didn't have that with him.

Nick arrives home and Avery is there doing work on her new law firm.  Nick compares her to The Good Wife's Alicia Florick!  Avery asks about Sharon who thinks she's an integral part of his life.  Nick says they'll always be bonded by their children but Avery thinks something is off - she's clingy in a desperate kind of way.  Nick says she's dealing with a lot of uncertainty so she gravitates to him - nothing for her to worry about.

Dylan and Chelsea are back at her office - she wants to set a wedding date.  Dylan suggests her due date - he thinks they should get married before the baby is born.  He asks what kind of wedding she wants.  Dylan thinks she's going to be very successful and busy and he brings Chelsea to tears. 

Billy is at the club and pulls a package of cards he through away out of the garbage and starts playing with them.  Chloe walks in and says "Hi Lover".  Chloe says Kevin is suspicious too.  Billy says he's sorry he dragged her into his problems and she sees the cards - is he gambling again.  He admits he is a little.  Billy tells Chloe he told Vicky the truth but she'd rather believe he's having an affair than gambling.  Chloe tells him he has to fix himself before he can fix anything with Victoria.

Jack leaves for work and says goodbye to Summer.  She quickly makes a call to her friend Courtney - her Mom is trying to ruin her life and she needs to talk to her - its an emergency.

Avery and Nick start necking and Nick gets a call and he gets up to take it.  Its Phyllis - Kyle is in the business centre - Phyllis says once she's done with Kyle Summer will be the last thing on his mind.  Nick lies about who it was - Avery knows he's lying.  Adam is still talking to Sharon - who has she known true love with - Nick?  Adam insults Nick and says he slung her heart back at her by having an affair with someone else.  Is she trying to recreate the past - Nick is gone? 

Dylan gets kleenex for Chelsea - she doesn't recognize her life.  Is this really happening to me?  Its like its someone elses life and not hers!  Dylan completely understands.  Dylan asks if she's having second thoughts about any of this?

Chloe is worried about Delia being around a gambling junky.  Billy says he has everything under control but Chloe is skeptical.  How can she trust him around her daughter?  What if Delia gets abducted because of gambling debts.  Billy says he's doing nickle and dime stuff but Chloe says he has to stop before he's in too deep.   She offers to help.  Billy says good - she can explain to Victoria that nothing is going on, just as Kevin walks in and sees them together.  Adam is still harrassing Sharon about Nick - you can't recapture what's already gone.  Chelsea reassures Dylan - she's a total softie.  She never expected her life to turn out like this.  They are very happy and they kiss as Anita walks in and sees them. 

Avery asks Nick about the call - it had something to do with what he's struggling with.  She wants to understand why he has to keep it to himself.  Avery is worried - what can be so awful he can't tell her - its not about her or work or Nikki or is it him - is he sick?  Avery says then it must be the kids - does this have to do with Summer?

In the preview Kevin yells at Chloe about Billy, and Vicky gives him hell about gambling, and Avery doesn't understand why Nick won't confide in her.

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